A Chef and a Somm, a premier culinary service based in New Orleans, proudly announces that their talented Head Chef is currently competing in the prestigious My Fav Chef competition. This event is a significant milestone for the company, showcasing the exceptional culinary skills and innovative dishes that A Chef and a Somm is known for, further solidifying their presence in the New Orleans culinary scene.

A Chef and a Somm: A Culinary Journey

Founded in 2018 in Napa Valley, California, by the dynamic husband-and-wife duo Victoria and Travis Webb, A Chef and a Somm has brought its exceptional dining experiences to the New Orleans area. Specializing in custom fine dining events, intimate catering, and in-home wine tastings, A Chef and a Somm creates unforgettable moments for any special occasion.

Head Chef Victoria Webb Shines in Competition

Victoria Webb, the Head Chef at A Chef and a Somm, expressed her excitement about the competition, stating, “Travis and I are passionate about creating special moments through our culinary and wine experiences. Being part of the My Fav Chef competition is an incredible opportunity to share our love for food and wine with a broader audience. It means the world to us to bring more special events and cherished memories to our clients.”

The competition provides a platform for Victoria to display her culinary artistry and innovative approach to fine dining. Her participation in the My Fav Chef competition not only highlights her skills but also underscores the dedication to excellence that A Chef and a Somm brings to every event they cater.

Catering to Every Special Occasion

A Chef and a Somm’s target audience includes anyone seeking to create memorable experiences through custom dining and wine events. Whether it’s an intimate dinner party, a bachelorette celebration, or a small wedding, A Chef and a Somm caters to those who value exceptional culinary experiences.

A Chef and a Somm

From Napa Valley to New Orleans

Victoria and Travis Webb started A Chef and a Somm after years of working in the restaurant industry. Faced with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and California wildfires, they relocated to New Orleans to pursue their dream of creating unique dining experiences. Their dedication to culinary excellence and personalized service has made A Chef and a Somm a standout in the New Orleans area.

The Perfect Pairing: Food and Wine

“Our mission is to provide the perfect pairing of food and wine, ensuring that each guest has an evening they will cherish, a meal they’ll never forget, and a bottle that will always be their favorite,” said Victoria. The company offers a range of services, including in-home fine dining events, catering for intimate gatherings, and personalized wine tastings.

Expanding Roots in New Orleans

Looking ahead, A Chef and a Somm is committed to expanding their presence in New Orleans and becoming a staple in the city’s culinary scene. They aim to continue delivering exceptional dining experiences and making every event unforgettable.

For more information about A Chef and a Somm, please visit their website at achefandasomm.com or follow them on social media @achefandasomm.

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